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Writing has always been a therapy. Since I was a child, I wrote to smile, I wrote to cry, I wrote to fight, and I wrote to express almost all my feelings. I find solace with myself by writing. I am no big author, no popular writer. I am just another individual who chose story telling as my means of expression.
My writing debut started with the publication of my first book on 3rd of March 2002. Waiting for you, was a slim collection of short stories, at the age of 19, I thought.. wow..what an accomplishment…. I finally managed to put together four readable stories I have written and to publish those. Looking back at it today, ten years later, I think to myself, if given the chance, I would re write those stories differently. But even today, I do believe as I did back in 2002, writing a short story is a challenge to any writer. The space you get to develop your characters is small, but you have to create your complex plot in that limited space. I kind of enjoy writing short stories even now.
My latest publications date 2011. I thought of anthologizing two studies I have started while I was a mass communications special degree under graduate student on Film Noir and on editorial independence. I bit moving away from storytelling mode, I explored the research paper style.
I will not make you all bored by reading what I have to say about my writing; rather it would be a great pleasure to read back from you on what you think of my work. So I very kindly invite you to read the books and give me your comments. I do not believe in publicity campaigns to sell books, but I do believe in getting my books to a larger readership, that is why the books are online for free… So enjoy……


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