The path to a wedding….

The story of how we became a couple is quickly told. I simply add two pictures from the early days. I think they speak for themselves.

It was clear......

It was clear……


little words needed

little words needed

When we came together, it was early on clear, that this is going to be serious. We met in the first weeks of the base camp of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) Societies base Camp in Haiti. The camp hosted up to 180 international staff responding to the devastation Earthquake in January 2010. Our personal situation was not really the best start for a relationship. It was mainly the many good-bye’s we had to go through, which were bonding us together. Till we left finally in July 2011 together, I left and came back to Haiti three times. It was always heard breaking. I left without knowing, how and when to come back or to see each other. But we managed. I came twice as the Shelter Cluster coordinator and finally for 6 month to coordinate the IFRC Cholera response in Haiti. We left Haiti as an official couple and took the special offer to work in DPRK ( North Korea). First time we were running an house-hold together, living a normal live. It was not any more the emergency set-up in tents or containers in Haiti. It was daily routine in a normal flat. We enjoyed cooking, inviting friends and colleagues.. we loved going out. We loved each other…. And in the second visit to Luvinis home country, at the end of the world, I proposed.

We went back to Haiti. What a surprise. Luvini got her dream job, Communication Coordinator for IFRC. I followed this time. I was based in the Province. Based in Jeremie, Grand Anse we lived a “every second week-end” relationship. Mostly

Engagement... away... outdoors..

Engagement… away… outdoors..

not being together we planned the wedding. There were many options on the table. Las Vegas or Miami, Germany or Haiti. The best option was finally Sri Lanka. Thanks to friends, the German and Sri Lanka family we had a perfect wedding. Pictures and video will speak for them-selves.




The latest article in the German magazin GEO Wissen. A special edition on “Liebe” / “Love”



English version: GEO_Wissen_luvini_gerhard_English

German version: GEO_Wissen_58-2016_Seite_122_123

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5 Responses to The path to a wedding….

  1. irene says:

    Sweet story of a lovely pair. You both are wonderful as individuals and splendid as a couple. My best wishes.

  2. sundari says:

    Beautiful…. Love your words and the feeling….Love to Luvini…

  3. Keston says:

    Congrats to you both!!! This is evidence that Haiti continues to be a blessing and mystery in spite of all that you see…

  4. Doshanthri says:

    Blessings to both of you! it is a wonderful love story. As a close friend of Luvini I wish you all the happiness in the whole world… Luvini the most wonderful little star that I know from the childhood deserves that… Thank you so much for loving and caring for her… She is like a sister to me… Wish you all the very best.. and Most importantly may GOD BLESS YOU!

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