Tsunami 2004

Sri Lanka

December 2004 is and always be an unforgettable year in my life. I was miraculous saved from Tsunami while a lot of people were dead beside me Close to Galle, Sri Lanka.

This experience changed my life. Changed my being and changed my attitudes towards life. I thought a change is needed in terms of everything. There is a meaning for this life and I should find it.

I applied for a job with IFRC delegation I Sri Lanka to be the PMER manager for a Tsunami reconstruction project. I met with the coordinator of this progamme to discuss the terms of reference, Klaus Palkovits, who now has become a dear friend of mine. This is the beginning of my humanitarian carrier. For me,  a beginning of a new life. I enjoyed every moment working for this project. I travelled to every corners of my country, places I have never travelled before in my life. Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Potuvil, Jaffna etc.

The job gave me the opportunity to talk to people who went through the same horrifying experience as I did in December 2004. It brought solace to me. I learnt a lot on Red Cross. I started loving it. Here I am 6 years latter continuing the same kind of work in different counties.

Thanks Klaus for the great opportunity and the new window of life you showed to me…..



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One Response to Tsunami 2004

  1. klaus says:

    It was indeed a great time and for both of us the starting point for a new career. Working with you was a great pleasure and I do sincerely hope we will get a chance to work in the same team again one day. Love, Klaus

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