Nature and Outdoors

Being out door has always been a pleasure to me. Canoeing, bird watching, rock climbing, hiking are a vehicle to be outdoors and be connected to the nature.

Nature has and always been an inspiration.

Rock climbing is the most relaxing outdoor activity I have ever known. One can move in great landscapes, one has to concentrate fully on your moves. This is a kind of a meditation I could say…

Canoeing is the perfect way to move in Nordic landscapes. One travels in outdoors, very close to the nature and at the same time can carry a lot of luggage so as to make the camping in the night comfortable. I myself build 2 canoes in the last 10 years and have used these canoes to travel various lakes and rivers in Sweden, Croatia and Germany.

Hiking is by far the slowest way to move in nature. Hiking opens areas which are not reachable in any other means of transportation.  The perfect infrastructure in the alpine areas of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy make it less adventurous and more luxurious.



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