The  brilliant book “canoecraft” ( )inspired me and gave the detailed plan and explainantion how to do and what design to select.

The first model was a two seater, 450 cm long, to be used in multible conditions. I did build it with my friend Thomas. At that time there was still a lot to be done at the newly constructed log house I do live in. The deal was, that Thomas and I did work one day at the canoe an one day at the house, to keep the progress going.

When the family did grow and my sons needed their own seat to paddle  them selves, I did decide to do a second version. So it needed to be a 4 seater. The maximum lenghst was limited by the Volkswagen T4 bus +1 meter!

Final woodworks on the 4 seater, two days before departure to Sweden

Strip cedar canoe, body shell

The 4 seater without the interior

The canoe had its maiden voyage in Sweden. It touch water at the Klaraven in 2005 and carried us safely 80km down the stream.


Latest canoe tour in Sweden:


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4 Responses to Canoeing

  1. Klaus says:

    Spannend! Kann man das Teil besichtigen, wenn wir euch im Sommer besuchen kommen?

  2. Jorge Catucci says:

    In some situations canoeing refers to both canoeing and kayaking. Other than by the minimum competition specifications (typically length and width (beam) and seating arrangement it is difficult to differentiate most competition canoes from the equivalent competition kayaks.^

    Our favorite blog

  3. My wife and I love canoeing and I did get a life jacket rated from 8-30 lbs, so I can keep our baby safe. We don’t plan to go on rivers this year with her. (If we would tip, don’t want her floating downstream by herself!) But any tips on paddling with her? Best place to put her in the canoe, how to prop her up? Doubt we’ll be doing any long trips with her any time soon, but want to make sure she is able to enjoy one of our favorite things from the start as well!

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