Cooking has always been a pleasure to me… I loved watching all cooking programmes on TV when I was a kid. I enjoyed cooking for myself at the age of 7.
When I started to travel the world, I started to learn recipes f the different countries I have traveled. This always meant adventure to me…
Now with Gerhard, we enjoy spending time in the kitchen, inviting people home for dinner. We have guests 2 to 3 times a week at home. Living in North Korea, we try out a lot of new recipes. There is nothing much happening in the city of Pyongyang, not a lot of restaurants to eat out, the best way to distract once self is by enjoying a hearty meal at home.
Our signature dishes are: chocolate cake, spicy Sri lankan food, gratins, apple tart, apple strudel, home made sorbets and ice creames.
We will use this page to share with you very easy, tired and tested day today recipes….

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