Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

2-3 packets of Marie biscuits ( Bahlsen Butterkeks do work too)
Milk to soak biscuits
250g icing sugar (Puderzucker)
250g margarine
3 eggs (seperated)
50-100g cocoa
2 tablespoons brandy (Optional)
Chopped cashew nuts (Optional)
Soak the biscuits in some hot milk.

Mix margarine and icing sugar till fluffy using a hand mixture. Add the egg yolks, one at a time. Add the sifted cocoa powder (first add 50g, then more depending on color).

Beat the 3 egg whites till stiff and add to the chocolate mixture. Add the brandy.

Arrange the pudding with alternate layers of the chocolate mixture and biscuits.

Add chopped cashew nuts on top

Chill before serving.

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