Dal Vade

1 cup – orange dal, soaked in water for about 3 to 4 hours
1/2 – big onion, chopped finely (omit this, if it is for a festival or god’s neivedyam)
2 – green chilies, low spiced
1/2 tsp – red chili powder
a pinch of hing
3 to 4 – curry leaves, chopped finely
1/2 tbsp – grated coconut, fresh/frozen (optional)
1 tbsp – rice flour
salt as per taste
oil for deep frying

Pulse the green chilies in a blender until they are coarsely ground.
Drain out the water completely from the soaked dal and pulse a couple of more times.
The dal should only be coarsely ground and it should NOT become a paste.
Mix all the ingredients together, except the oil.
At this point you can adjust the taste according to your preference.
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan.
Meanwhile, take small dumplings out of the dal mixture and flatten them in between your palms.
Drop the vada into the hot oil and deep fry until it done.
Make sure to keep the heat between low- medium.
If the heat is too high, the outer portions get cooked faster than the inner, and you’ll end up with either burnt vadas or semi-cooked vadas.
Once done, remove from oil and drain into paper towels.
Serve hot with coconut chutney or ketchup or just as is and enjoy!

While flattening the dal mixture for deep frying, you can make it either very flat or leave it a little thick.
The flatter ones turn out crisp and the thicker ones would be a little soft.
So, its personal choice to make them flat or thick.

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