Indian Butter chicken


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Chicken breast (cut in cubes)

Full cream yogurt

Full cream




Lime juice

Coriander powder


Madras chili powder

Tomato puree

Cinnamon powder



Fresh coriander leaves

Green chili

Cumin seeds

2 table spoons of butter


Preparation of the marinade

Blend garlic, ginger, 2 green chillies

Mix with full cream yogurt, add madras chilli powder, cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder , salt and some lime juice.

Put the chicken to the marinade, mix well and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes,  add the chicken cubes in skewers and let it grill in a hot oven for 20 minutes.


Preparation of the source

Add 2 tables spoons of butter in to a hot pan, put finely cut  onion, garlic and some ginger. Let them cook for 2 minutes, then add madras chili powder, turmeric, 3 cloves, 5 cardamoms, 3 table spoons of tomato pure and salt. Also add one fresh green chili finely cut.

The add 300ml of fresh cream. Bring it to boil, then add the well grilled chicken and last but not least add finely chopped fresh coriander leaves.

Enjoy with Naan !

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