We both love travelling. A side conditions is thanks to our job we get to travel often…

But this page would talk about our holiday travelling. Most of the travelling we have done in between difficult mission as rest and recuperation leave…. The page only contains of travels we have done as a couple since 2010.

We have selected our destinations carefully and we both enjoyed thoroughly the countries we have visited.

Most of the time, I have a tendency to love beaches, warm weathers, nice restaurants, nice music, dancing and exploring culture. Gerhard while enjoying all the above, enormously enjoy being in the nature, watching wild life, landscapes and especially birds.

During the last 2 years we have travelled to Dominical Republic, France, Germany,  Switzerland, Cuba, USA, Malaysia, Austria and in May 2012  we went to Vietnam…

So enjoy the pictures of the countries and places we have visited and special recommendations from us about the place if you are the visit there….

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