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Berlin was the first stop of our road trip around the Baltic sea. We drove for about 8 hours from Frankfurt with 2 stops. We arrived in Berlin around 3pm and parked very close to Prenzlauerberg… I have heard this is the quartier polulaire in Berlin. We were supposed to meet a friend of mine in a restaurant in this area. But before dinner our first attraction was Globetrotter, outdoor store. For some reason Gerhard sis found of this place and even before the trip we ordered few stuff on the internet and now we are in the shop for real to do our last shopping before we head on our trip. We bought a lot of camping stuff. A must go palce to shop if you are planning to do any camping.
We then took the tram way to the Prenzlauerberg. 3 stops from where we parked the motor home. For our greatest surprise our friend has selected a Korean restaurant for the dinner. He has visited DPRK 2 times, once for pleasure and once for work and he thought it would be the best place to meet up…. The name of the place is Kanu Kachu… wow the bibimbup there was great and so was the bulgogi…
So we can recommend this place to you if ever you are looking for a decent place to dine in Berlin’s popular area …..
We went back to the motor home around mid night… first niighe spent parked beside a road… rather cfalm and quiet…. And we both slept well…..
Next morning we headed to Schva’s ( a friend we met in Haiti) for brunch….. spent few hours discussion fond memories from the Haiti mission.



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