Lithuania, Litauen

The first new country for the two of us. The border crossing is “Schengen-style”. Basically we passed the former border check points in a little slower speed. No checks, no border police is visible even no random checks.
LithuaniaThe land scape turned into nordic eastern agriculture land, with huge wheat and mustard seed fields. Still many white storks to be seen. Beside Poland , where 25 % of the world White stork population nests, Lithuania is as highly populated. In every village there is at least one nest on some house.
We headed the first night to Klaipeda, the former Memel. Just parked in front of the camp ground because of the late hour.
The next morning Luvini convinced the receptionist of the camp ground to let us use his computer, so some admin work came on the way.
With the ferry boat we crossed on the Curonian Spit/ Kurische Nehrung. A unique landscape formed by wind and waves. The route ends at the village of Neringa / Nida. A very nice place. Even Thomas Mann found that out, almost 100 years back and bought a summer house, which host the Th. Mann museum now. Nice food, a cycle ride along the coast made the day.

Thomas Mann summer villa

Baltic coast



Germans are everywhere…. even in bulk! see:


searching for amber…


Ferry to the spit

The tight time schedule made us head out 6 am the next day , in order to make it to Riga, but that’s another story…….


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Thomas Mann cultural center Neringa:


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